Friday, June 16, 2017


sweet sweet sorrow overflow

with sweaty palms, so cold

you touched

and i flinched

      mere electric jolt

bold as i thought

      we were not

sweet sweet sorrow overflow

we don't die young, truth unfold

screech it went

the plat tremors

quiver in pain as it weep

when the waves consolidate

sweet sweet sorrow overflow

like a song

endless crippling

before long-gone

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


after writing you a letter

i would cure it

be it having dust collected on the surface of lead

and paper bleached a thousand times

or soaking my words legit into its meanings

i would cure it

just so it's will be delivered with the right flavour

served with sealing wax

i would cure it

so my thoughts are settled on the light weight ground of its existence

so it will warm you even in summer

or with snow     wherever part of the globe you may be

i would cure it

for it is raw and it breathes air

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pete and Björk

I was walking to you instinctively

light and cheery

as you lazed at the sofa

smiling to me

our first kiss took place in a dream

you leaned as I sat beside

when it happened

it was soft, and tender

a manisfestation of sensual beings

as we explore

in the form of the physical

you were gentle

it was magic

we had more

with a level of intensity

it didn't even felt odd

when you spat bodily fluid

both yours and mine, on your palm

when we finally gasped for air

such synchronicity

you and I

was our first kiss

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

real life

I cry when I turn away

from greeting a shiba I met over the car window

I cry when I hear her say

she's going to hitch hike tomorrow

I cry on bed when I thought I lost somebody

soon as I wake up to that twilight breeze

Moments that I thought I could own freely

slipped through my fingers

as I owned all that I wish

ever so indirectly

Thursday, February 2, 2017

flipping pages

let go of me 

soaring high is when

I express love to you

it was liberating

it was translucent

it was selfless

it was without an agenda

perhaps it will run out of fuel, one day

but in the moment

it is real

real as flesh

you have no idea

having them all blocked

my thoughts

all hidden

what I show is not what I intend to uncover

I still want to be undressed

by your fingertips

your whispers

and your warm, warm breathe

I am sorry, love

I had pushed to much

it wasn't supposed to be heavy weighted

I love you,

I do

you won it all

while I lose

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


registration of an act in the mind

the matters of the most trivial

since when have I lost the ability -


since when have I pick up the ability

of feeling such simple feelings

you make me weak on my knees

I have zero immunity on you being you

you sent me a picture

you sent me a thought

so I can keep it in my pocket

so you can make me smile

I did it

an act that I would never fathom

even with that presence I would still hide

because your eyes speak of that one language

I'm smitten

I'm all yours

you have no idea

how dear you are to me

in the case where time and space

has to stand in between

the universe of our souls

and always

I feel like travelling ahead of time

just to touch you

just to see you

just to hear you

just to smell you

to taste you

my love

now, this space

this experience is butter

this lifetime would be our butter knife

the touch would be what I'm feeling now


and you

you are my good fat,


Friday, January 13, 2017

someday my prince will come

because of the slightest change of air

the colour of space

it became so intimate, one that I own so dearly

I have been careful of my expressions

and as I open, I listen to myself that morn

I digest your words like food particles

into my bloodstream

I guess I willingly took you into another context

one that only allows the two of us to exist

I thank you, for you came like the wind

swiped my feet and puffed the skirt I wore

as I savour my moment of being held in your arms

as I put everything I came for, in your hands

and see you fly

you reminded me of a part of me that I have never seen

and as my rhythm sways its way

you came, like a prince

with a dark coat he wears

lets walk this path